Safety Tips

Avoiding Online Scams

The following is a list of what to watch out for to avoid online scams:

Asks for you to send money.

Asks for your bank account information.

Asks for your Social Security Number.

Asks for your work address and work hours.

Asks for your address and promises they will send you gifts.

Asks you to get in front of your web cam.

Asks you to keep the relationship a secret.

Pushes you to get off this web site right away and talk with them through an outside email or messaging service.

Does not want to communicate by talking to you on the phone.

Disappears from this site, then reappears under a different user name.

Moves through the relationship too quickly; claiming they love you, proposing marriage or saying it is “destiny” or “fate.”

Refers to you as sweetie, baby, hun or lover.

Instant messages you at unusual hours for your time zone.

Avoids answering certain questions you ask them.

Claims to be from the United States, but says they are traveling or working abroad.

Makes up false stories to have you pity them.

Makes extra grammar and spelling errors.

Has multiple member profiles.


Helpful Online Dating Safety Tips

The following is a list of essential dating tips to follow to help you stay safe:

Never share your full name, telephone number, address or place of work. Share information about your personality, interests, goals, beliefs without giving specifics that would allow someone to identify you.

Never send money to someone you have not met.

Use a different user name than you use on other sites to eliminate someone tracking you down.

Establish a good relationship and trust first before allowing them to view you on other social media sites.

Report or block them from communicating with you if you do not feel comfortable.

Please inform of any suspicious activity you encounter with any member. You can block any member from viewing your profile or contacting you if you feel unsafe.


Local Meeting First Meeting

Meeting someone for the first time should be perfectly safe. Unfortunately not everyone is trustworthy. It is best to be very careful and use common sense.

The following is a list of local first meeting tips to help you stay safe:

Tell someone where you are going to be.

Have a cell phone with you at all times.

Drive your own vehicle to the first meeting.

Keep your personal items close to you.

Meet in a public location for the first meeting.


Long Distance First Meeting 

Long distance relationships can be successful. Unfortunately, not all long distance meetings will be safe.

The following is a list of long distance first meeting tips to help you stay safe:

Stay with family, friends or in a hotel, never in the other person’s home.

Have family, friends, a taxi or rent a car to drive to and from the airport.

Keep where you are staying confidential.

Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.

Have a cell phone with you at all times.

Keep your personal items close to you.

Meet in a public location for the first meeting.

After the first meeting, if you did not feel comfortable and safe, please report the member you met to We will remove the member from our LDS dating community.


Violations To Our Strict Policy Guidelines

The following is a list of violations to our strict policy guidelines:

Members behaving inappropriately online or in person.

Members using inappropriate language.

Members posting inappropriate photos.

Members asking you for money.

Members sending harassing instant messages or emails.

Members under 18.

Members who are married.

Fake profiles.

Any other violation of policies.

Please contact us if another member is not abiding by our strict policies. Help us keep this online dating community safe and clean!


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