Is online dating safe?

Yes! As long as you are careful, use common sense and follow the “Dating Tips” posted on our website.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes! Our site is 100% secure. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone.

Is joining easy?

Yes! Not only is it easy, we have made it absolutely free for a limited time.

What is included with a free limited time membership?

Free personal profile, free profile photo, free photo album, free searching of other members and free matching.

Can anyone join?

LatterDatingSaints.com allows anyone from 18 years old and up to join.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes! You can easily cancel your membership at anytime.

Can I start and stop my membership at anytime?

Yes! If you meet someone and choose to cancel your membership, you may reactivate your account at anytime.

How do I sign in if I forgot my user-name or password?

Provide us with your email address and we will email you both your user-name and password.

What do I do if someone is harassing me or making me feel uncomfortable?

Please inform LatterDatingSaints.com of any suspicious activity you encounter with any member. You can block any member from viewing your profile or contacting you if you feel unsafe. Inappropriate behavior is against our strict policy guidelines.

Is LatterDatingSaints.com owned and managed by real LDS people?

Yes! The couple who owns and manages LatterDatingSaints.com is LDS and was married in the St. George Temple. More information can be found on the page, “Our Story”.

Can I invite friends and family?

Yes! We would love for you to share LatterDatingSaints.com with others! A great way to share is through your social media accounts.

What Are The Guidelines For Language And Content?

All launguage posted must be clean and appropriate. Absolutely no communication or content that is vulgar, sexual, racial or in anyway inappropriate. Also, no harassing, embarassing, threatening, belittling or posting anything that may cause discomfort to another member is prohibited.

What Are The Guidelines For Submitting Profile And Album Photos?

All profile and album photos must be modest. For women, no bare shoulders, bare midriffs or low cut tops. For men, no bare chests or shoulders. Absolutely no swim wear, no bikinis, no unbuttoned pants, no unzipped pants, no strapless clothing, no lowcut clothing, no short shorts, no underwear, no bras.  Also, no bedroom or bathroom photos of you doing anything inappropriate.


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