When Is The Right Time To Meet Each Other In Person?

“The sooner, the better.”

That’s a line you hear almost every day. But when it comes to online dating, following this same line might get you into trouble – and a whole lot of disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong. Online dating is great. I am actually one of the thousands or maybe even millions of people who have found happiness offline because of online dating. I seriously feel very grateful to whoever started this whole thing. Because of online dating, I found someone to cherish the rest of my life with. And this website is only one of the few ways we can give back some of the happiness we’ve been blessed with.

However, I would also like to point out that the road to getting to where we are now wasn’t all that easy. Many people have this misconception that online dating is no big deal. You create your profile, log in, and just start chatting people. Although the process seems simple enough, the actual play-out of events are crazy difficult in reality. Sure, you meet people online but they aren’t at all nice. So deciding to meet someone in person right off the bat is very bad news.

Before making any decision to meet-up in person, always consider three things:

  1. How Well You Think You Know The Person

“Dating online is dangerous.” Well, I certainly can’t deny this statement but I can definitely say the same for offline dating. To be accurate, dating in general is dangerous – it doesn’t really matter whether it’s online or offline. The only disadvantage you have online is that you cannot immediately verify the authenticity of the person you’re talking to. Whether they are who they say they are remain a question mark. So before you decide to go meet with someone in person, try to weigh the current status of your relationship. Also assess whether the things you definitely know, slightly know, or hardly know about the person have a pretty high chance of being true. You see, there is a lot of bad blood out there – and I’m not just talking about people you meet online. Before you go out looking for love, first guard your heart.

  1. Your Level of Interaction

How often do you talk to each other and how personal do your conversations go? Have you surpassed the conventional dialogue stage? Or are you still stuck with simple “hellos” and “whatchadoing? If your level of communication is too shallow, you still probably need to give yourselves time before arranging your first meeting. Try talking to each other on a more personal note and establish trust. Doing a little more face time over the phone should help you feel more comfortable and secure with each other.

  1. The Time You First Met

If you just met yesterday and already planning to have your first date today, then that’s definitely putting the stakes too high. You may feel like there’s an instant connection and that you just can’t wait to hold yourselves in each other’s arms but relationships need time and nourishment to actually flourish. Also, someone this impatient may not be the type who’s looking for a serious relationship. Think about it. The right partner will patiently get to know you better until you’re both comfortable enough to see each other in person. You should look for a love that when lit, burns slow and steady like a candle. Not a wildfire which destroys everything that tumbles its way.

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