Three Ways You Can Win A Guy’s Heart Online

Has offline dating been too much lately? Are you sick of playing house with guys you meet at bars who turn out to be complete douche bags? Dating is hard. Love is hard. Relationships are more difficult to start than they are to end. If you are tired of running around looking for Mr. Right, why not search for him right in the comfort of your own home?

Sometimes, you really don’t have to go far to find what – or more specifically, who you have been searching for.

Some people say that online dating is for people who aren’t looking for anything serious. Well, I beg to differ. If anything, I’d say those who are looking for relationships online are much more serious about dating. For all we know, these people have been through so many shallow offline relationships that they are seeking comfort someplace where conversations, more than flesh, are given more value.

Online dating you see lies heavily on how effective you are as a communicator. You’re dating a person through a screen. The usual dating cues and tropes hardly apply – especially when your conversations are only delivered through messaging. Your words are the only real connection you share with each other. This makes the level of interaction much, much deeper than your typical eat-first-get-wasted-later kind of offline date.

The real question now is whether it is possible for a guy to fall for you when all you have to show are words alone. Well, I can give you a couple of tips on this part.

Here are some things I know any guy online would fall for:

A Real Person

Of course, I’m not saying you’re a robot or something. What I’m saying is that guys fall for people who are real or true to themselves. Putting up a silly façade or pretending to be someone you know you’re not, will just make you look fake in the eyes of others. And nobody likes fake personalities – not even in the online world. If you keep things real and just continue being yourself, the right person will eventually find you. Just be patient.

Deep Conversations

Online bachelors are also fond of taking conversation to the next level – a deeper level. Although there really isn’t a need to rush things, you still have to quit the shallow talk sooner or later. This is especially true after you’ve grown much closer to your online love potential. Quit with the “how are you” and “what are you doing” bit. Make the effort to reach out and connect on a deeper level. Talk about your childhood, things you find interesting, theories you find amusing, and even your worst fears and nightmares. The right guy will surely listen – and he’ll never get tired doing so.

P.S. Make sure your relationship level is high enough before you take this plunge though. It’s a little unflattering to start talking about a childhood trauma on your first few conversations.

Slow Yet Steady Improvements

As I said a while ago, there really is no need to rush. Men looking for real relationships wouldn’t be in a hurry to get to know you too. If they are acting a little too excited, then your douche bag radar should tell you that there’s a 95% chance of them being trouble. No good thing will come out of relationships formed hastily. Take things slow and steady – it’ll go a long way.



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