The Best Ways To Have A Successful First Date

First dates can often time feel daunting. There is a level of excitement about the potential of making
a connection with a potential partner, but there is also a level of anxiety over the unknown. This same feeling is common in the lds dating circle, just like it is in other communities. To help reduce the level of anxiety over a first date, below are five tips to help ensure your next first date is a success.

Set a Time Limit

For many people on a first date, it is common for the couple to agree to several activities, like dinner
and a movie. The problem with this, is the two end up spending a significant amount of time together. Instead, consider meeting one another for a shorter period of time for the first date. An example of an ideal first date might be agreeing to meet for a simple cup of coffee. There is no need for you to spend more than an hour with one another the first time together, even if you are enjoying your time together. For lds singles, this is particularly important, since ideals surrounding relationships with the opposite sex center around beliefs about the importance of marriage.

Sit Next to One Another

When meeting each other for dinner or a cup of coffee, it may feel more natural to sit across from
one another. However, the presence of a table between two people can actually pose as a barrier to interacting with one another. By sitting next to one another, the ability to have appropriate social interactions is increased. By meeting in a public setting for the first time, for a short period of time, lds singles are able to uphold the integrity of their interactions with one another which are particularly important within the lds dating community.

Go for an Activity

Many first dates are spent together over a meal. While this allows for interaction between two people
more so than attending a movie, there are other options for lds singles looking to find a different activity for a first date. Consider going bowling, or for a hike, or another activity. This allows for you to not only engage in conversation, but also an opportunity to see how one another acts in different situations. This can be particularly important for singles in the lds dating circle to see these interactions.

Know your Boundaries

In the lds dating community, there are a number of norms, which are commonly respected amongst
singles. For instance, it is common for lds singles to spend time together with members of the opposite sex in groups or in public settings. It is also common for members of the LDS Church to avoid certain types of social settings, as they are not in alignment with the teachings of their faith. However, there are a number of other boundaries, which every person has which they are comfortable with a new person. This may include topics for conversation, or activities you are willing to participate in during a date. Knowing your personal boundaries beforehand can help to ensure your first date is a success.

Make One Another Feel Comfortable

When people feel comfortable and appreciated when they are around each other, they are more likely to enjoy spending time with one another. For lds singles, this is also the same. Women enjoy knowing a man has taken the time to think through the details of the date. Men enjoy knowing they are appreciated and a woman is interested in hearing their insight about something they are interested in or good at. When a person feels comfortable, they are more likely to ask for a second date.


Going on a first date can be fearful for some people. But by thinking through these five tips before going on a first date, lds singles are not only more likely to enjoy their time together, but also more likely to consider a second date. Before going on a first date, put each of these into action to help ease anxiety and make your time more enjoyable.

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