Success For LDS Dating Couples

There are a number of differences between lds dating couples and non-LDS dating couples.
These differences are large because of teachings of the LDS Church regarding the sanctity of marriage and remaining chase before being married. However, there are many pressures placed on lds singles from the surrounding community to conform to outside standards. Below are some suggestions on ways lds singles can engage in healthy dating relationships, uphold their convictions, and find success in finding a lifelong companion.

Have Clear Expectation

Many couples go back and forth between one another about where they want to go on a first date,
or making suggestions about what they may be interested in doing, but do not make a clear declaration of what it is they want to do. This is also common amongst lds singles who are considering dating one another. However, many men appreciate when a woman is able to clearly state her preferences and give insights. If a lds dating couple is looking to go on a date, this could be even more important if they are in a region which does not have a lot of social settings which are in alignment with teachings of the LDS Church. By speaking up about things you like doing, and which locations are ideal, the couple can be more comfortable, and are more likely to enjoy their time together.

Ask Questions

It is not uncommon for a couple who is meeting for the first time to feel uncomfortable around
each other. By speaking up and asking questions, lds singles are able to get to know one another. This goes for both men and women. Sometimes women feel they have to allow the man to take the lead in a conversation, but by speaking up during moments of silence and asking questions about the other person, it helps to show interest in your date. If a lds dating couple goes on a date, and at the end of it one person feels like they have all of their questions answered, but the other still feels like they know nothing about the other person, it is very possible that person did not speak up and ask questions to get to know the other person. Instead, they allowed the other person to lead the entire conversation.

Don’t be too Forward

It is often common for non-LDS women to be forward, come out, and ask a man for a date. However, in the Lds dating community, there are certain norms, which surround dating and marriage that are not the same as outside of the Lds dating community. This is one of those areas, which is different for lds singles. LDS women are not as forward, and often times feel more frustrated if a guy does not seem to express interest back. Sometimes though a man does not always realize the woman would be interested and instead decides not to pursue at all. A woman can still express interest without sending the wrong message. By simply saying, “I’d love to get to know you more sometime” a woman is able to still communicate interest without sending the wrong message.


While these do not ensure success for every lds dating couples, they do help to ensure a couple is able
to have healthy interactions with one another. It makes it easier for lds singles to get to know one another in a healthy manner. It allows the couple to stay true to their beliefs about dating, marriage, and family, while also being able to really get to know one another and determine if they are in fact meant to have a lifelong connection to one another.

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