Online Dating For LDS Singles

There has been a number of members of the lds dating community who have decided to turn to the use of online dating sites to help them make a connection with other singles in their area. The result has been a number of lds dating sites to be developed to help the lds dating community to further narrow down their search for potential connections. The use of these sites specifically makes it easier for couples to connect with one another. In order for lds dating sites to be able to be used successfully, there are a number of tips which should be taken into consideration when beginning the online dating process.

Creating Your Profile

When setting up an online dating profile, it is important to be honest in completing the responses to questions on the profile. Make sure content posted is positive, and shares enough information to grab another person’s attention, but still does not provide too much detailed information to ensure online safety. Use photos which are flattering, meaning there is no shadow across your face, they are recent photos, and are a true reflection of who you are. Make sure you regularly update your profile, and take the time to look through other profiles before posting your own. This will give you an idea of what to write on your own profile. Just make sure you put information which is true to who you are, and do not simply copy someone else’s ideas. Doing so will make you stand out from others.

Take Your Time, But Not Too Much Time

It is okay to take your time as you look through potential matches. Be thorough and read the entire profile on lds dating community. Do not just make a decision based on the profile pictures. You might miss something, which sways you in one direction or the other. It might also save you some valuable time by not going on a first date with a person you might have otherwise not been interested in if you had read the entire profile first. With that being said, do not take too much time to respond back to someone else who has expressed interest. If you are not interested in meeting the other person, it is okay for you to come out and tell the person you are not interested at this time. But, if you do find someone you are interested in getting to know better and take too long to respond, it is possible they think you are not interested and move on to a different person.

Consider a Phone Call

Most lds dating sites have opportunities for matches to communicate with one another through personal messages or emails. After some correspondence back and forth, you might be ready to talk more with the other person, but still are not sure you are ready to meet face to face. In the lds dating community it is acceptable for a couple to take more time getting to know one another than non-LDS couples. Asking to speak on the phone before agreeing to meet one another in person is completely acceptable. If the phone call goes well, it also offers the opportunity for the couple to set up a first date with each other. If the phone call is not what you expected, it also saves both people the time they would have spent on a first date, and allows them to focus on finding someone else who would be a better match for them.


Dating can be time-consuming. With the busy schedules of many people today, the use of lds dating sites has made it possible for many singles within the lds dating community to connect with one another to find potential matches. But in order for online dating to be successful, it is necessary for have a profile which is current and shares who you really are, to take your time looking through profiles, and may even be beneficial to consider a phone call before setting up a first date.

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