Myths & Misconceptions About Online Dating

Okay. Let me just say this first. You have all the right to be skeptic about online dating. You’ve been fooled once, maybe had your heart broken twice, or even got cheated on several times – in a row!

Just kidding.

But seriously, we’ve all had our fair share of bad luck when it comes to love. And I don’t blame you for doubting anything that claims true love is real. However, I’m pretty sure you’ll blame yourself for not reading this. You can be the leader of the anti-love brigade and still regret not reading this, so just sit tight and lend me five minutes of your time.

Cutting to the chase, I’m here to depose some of the most inaccurate myths about online dating. Most people think that normal dating already sucks. What more is there to expect with online dating?

While I may not be able to personally convince you, statistics will. Here are three (3) must read findings about love, relationships, and online dating that might as well change your entire take about love and life:

Online Dating Is For Needy & Desperate Losers

Um, hello? Earth to Mars? This way of thinking is so two decades ago – back when skinny jeans were still a crime. Nowadays, more and more people have been engaging, or attempting, online relationships. In America alone, an estimated 40 million individuals are looking for some online lovin’.  And they are very much free to do so. I would even go as far as saying that any active adult online has attempted to find an online partner at some point – serious or not.

Also, it has been found that many of our online bachelors or bachelorettes are not at all lame – or diagnosed with PDs (Personality Disorders). Many of them fall on the upper levels of the social ladder. A little regretful now, are you?

People Online Are Liars

But isn’t the same true for people offline? I mean, how frequent is it that you hear a man lie about his job on the first date? Or women, taking a few years off their clock and pretend to be younger? Truth is, everybody lies – online and offline. Heck, I used to lie to my parents just to get a dollar’s worth of candy.

Lying is a natural defense for people who feel less about themselves – who are too absorbed with what society feeds them thru television and social media.  People don’t like to lie, but they instinctively do because they are made to believe that society won’t accept them otherwise. The same scenario happens regardless where people meet each other. If you don’t like people lying to you, then give them enough reason not to.

Online Relationships Are Short-lived

Maybe, maybe not. However, one study (commissioned by eHarmony) finds that relationships founded online are more lasting than those formed offline. According to the results of their study, 5.96% of the online couples in their sample got separated or divorced in the course of 7 years. On the other hand, 7.67% of the offline couples (also from the same sample) got separated or divorced within the same time frame. I don’t know about you but the numbers seem pretty convincing. Online dating is not doomed to fail – only your mindset is.

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