LDS Singles Turn To Non-Traditional Dating Options

In the LDS Church, there is a significant emphasis on the importance of marriage. The importance of marriage also extends into the lds dating community by having some very traditional values and guidelines for singles in the LDS community when interacting with members of the opposite sex. For instance, from the time youth are in their early preteens, the church begins to segregate weekly meetings and programs for males and females. Planned social meetings are sponsored by the church, where the focus on these meetings is on building friendships and learning how to engage with one another in social settings. As teens age, and there is an increased desire to date one another, relationships generally are maintained in group settings, even into adulthood, when many LDS adults begin to consider marriage.

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Traditionally, young adults seek out opportunities to interact with opposite sex peers at LDS colleges. This is largely because the majorities of singles who attend these institutions come from similar backgrounds, have the same beliefs about marriage, and are familiar with the norms in the lds dating community in contrast to those outside of the LDS community. Those singles who decide to attend secular colleges may look for social opportunities with the local LDS Church or local student religious groups in their campuses. Even so, the busy schedules of life and the focus on education can result in singles looking for other ways to find a life partner who shares the same values and beliefs. Some of these ways are significantly less traditional ways of dating in the LDS circle.

  • Using online services

One of these less traditional ways of finding a person to date or court is through the use of online dating services. There are dozens of online dating sites for singles to consider, but like many other common dating scenes to the western culture, they still make it difficult for LDS singles to find someone with the same faith and beliefs about dating and marriage. In response to these obstacles, there has become a recent interest in lds dating sites designed to specifically connect adult LDS singles with one another, offering them the opportunity to find a suitable dating partner, and potential spouse.

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Like other dating websites, lds dating sites also allow members to search the online profiles of other singles. Members can share personal information about themselves, including their personal interests, family background, or geographical location. In addition, members can search others’ profiles and narrow down their search based on the information shared on the profiles. After narrowing down their search, the individual can contact another member through personal messages or email messages expressing interest in getting to know one another. Through these interactions, lds dating sites help to create opportunities for safe social interactions with other singles in pursuit of a potential suitor.

Since the LDS community has expanded throughout the world, and are no longer in smaller close knit communities, singles have had to find alternative ways of connecting with members of the opposite sex for the purpose of dating and courtship. There are not always appropriate social gatherings for LDS singles to attend in their local communities as many LDS couples have done in the past. And although the use of lds dating sites is far from traditional, the same foundational beliefs about dating and the sanctity of marriage remains the same within the LDS circle. The only difference is in the less traditional way of how the couple initially met one another when looking for their potential spouse. The result, of an lds dating site has been a welcome opportunity for many LDS singles.

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