Latter Dating Vs The Competitor Websites

You have probably read our previous post which talked all about the benefits of joining In case you haven’t please go to this URL below to learn why is a step above the rest.

Benefits Of Joining Latter Dating

Now that you know all of the benefits of joining our online dating community… why not join? In fact, it’s 100% free for a limited time only. We are not charging a penny for LDS Singles to join this website.

There are many dating communities out on the web. Let us give our honest feelings about them.

Most online dating websites are not that clean, they allow members to post just about any type of images that they want and the language and chatting isn’t filtered in anyway.

Believe it or not, this is one reason why was initially developed! We wanted our members to have a clean online dating experience. We feel it is extremely important for the members of our website to have a clean experience.

While we can’t say specifics about any other dating sites, it is true that many of those sites describe the above context, unfortunately.

What is the downside of joining our community? We have only been around a short time and we don’t have thousands of members that have joined this site… yet! Within 1 year from now we are predicting that we will have around 8 new members join every single day. We have only received good feedback so far from members and we are in fact, constantly upgrading this website!

We made a plan to make this site the easiest to use, funnest site possible. We feel that we have done a great job so far, the website is mobile responsive, easy to navigate. We made it so that you can search for members for free without having to even create an account! Now how easy is that!?

When we do have thousands of members we will be charging a low monthly fee of only $10 per month for those members who want to chat and use this community website. For now though, it is 100% free.

The owners of actually met online and they were determined of creating a LDS specific dating site that was even better than the one they used! The owner is actually a web developer and had a great time putting together his first dating project site!

If you need any assistance using this website, have any questions or anything else please get a hold of us. While we are still new, we would appreciate any feedback from anyone! We have made this site mobile responsive to the best of our abilities, if you are having any viewing troubles or slow site speed please let us know.

Any of you members have a successful time using our dating website? Send us an email and let us know! As you are probably aware, we are giving out free tungsten rings for those members who submit a positive testimonial and pictures of the wedding! Thank you for reading.

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