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Within the LDS dating community, there are some very distinct differences from the non-LDS dating community, as well as from one Lds dating community to another. Non-LDS singles often begin dating early in life, around the teen years. Often times these dates are not supervised, and the “purpose” for dating is much less formal than for singles in the Lds dating community. Some of these dating practices have begun to carry over into the Lds dating community, but many lds singles have remained true to more traditional views on dating, marriage and relationships.

One main reason why many lds singles have different views on dating than the rest of the population is their strong convictions about the sanctity of marriage. In the Lds dating community, marriage is viewed as sacred and marital ties are continued throughout eternity. For this reason, dating is often done with the focus being placed on marriage and finding a lifetime commitment between two people. For those outside of the Lds dating community, who do not view marriage as having the same significant spiritual meaning, the idea of courtship or dating are not similar to those in lds dating.

Break the boundaries of Culture

Unlike dating in other cultures, for those looking to date in the Lds dating community, there is also

an understanding of the importance of chastity within the relationship. Even for older LDS adults looking to date, this is a virtue, which is of great significance to them in their dating relationships. This is largely one reason why many find dating in the same way as other westerners to be particularly difficult. Instead, dating and courtship is intended to take place with others who have the same beliefs, in places and circumstances, which are seen as wholesome, and in a manner where the two people are able to really develop a friendship and learn more about the individual’s character and how they interact and treat others.

  • LDS dating in group

Like most social interactions between males and females in the Lds dating community, it is also common for lds dating to take place in groups. During the early teen years, the LDS Church begins to segregate regular social and religious activities between males and females. However, opportunities for interaction between the two are often promoted by the Church as opportunities for healthy relationships to be formed between young men and women. These interactions are intended to encourage friendship building and not for the purpose of dating or courtship until teens are older and more mature.

  • The dating relationship

Many dating relationships may take place between young couples, who have met one another in a religious social gathering like mentioned above. However, in young adulthood, it is common for many young men and women to go on a period of mission service. During this time, dating and courtship relationships are foregone. As a result, many in the Lds dating community refrain from pursuing serious dating and courtship relationships until after they have completed this period of missionary service. Even though serious dating relationships are often delayed in the lds dating community, it is actually common for marriage to take place younger than in comparison to their non-LDS counterparts.

  • Strong conviction

Although the Lds dating community has a strong conviction about the spiritual significance of marriage, there are a number of factors, which can discourage some singles when looking at dating. As the population in their surrounding community becomes more diverse, the ability to find an individual with the same beliefs and convictions about marriage, family and faith can also become increasingly difficult. Some singles have chosen to try non-traditional forms of dating, like online dating, to locate other singles with the same beliefs and background. The beliefs about marriage and family though have remained the same.

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