Benefits Of Joining Latter Dating

There are many dating communities in today’s world. Which specific dating site should you be joining? That is a really good question and to be honest, everyone will have different answers. Here are some of the benefits of joining It is up to you to decide if our perks interest you enough to want to join our community.

Benefit #1 – We only charge $10 per month for our memberships! We do not upsell in anyway. It is $10 and will always remain at $10 per month. We are not going to increase the fees and include hidden fees. We are here to help you succeed and that is our goal. Many other LDS specific sites charge over $20 per month which we feel is too high.

Benefit #2 – We give out free tungsten wedding rings to our members if they leave us a positive testimonial! How many other dating sites can say something like that? We own a tungsten carbide ring business and have decided that if there are successful marriages and relationships that come about because of our online dating community that it would be a great idea to award these members with a free men’s tungsten ring. If you have a successful relationship because of just send us an email with the testimonial and include some pictures and we can get it published on our website. Make sure to include your address so that we can know where to ship out the ring. Visit to see the full selection.

Benefit #3 – The reason why we developed this site initially was to cater towards LDS singles and that is what we have done. While anyone can join, we typically find that many LDS members decide to join the website. It is a benefit because many LDS members want to meet other singles with the same religious beliefs.

Benefit #4 – Since we have started this website, we have developed it to be extremely easy to use! Many other dating sites are cluttered with PPC ads in order to make more money from the members that they have. We feel this is not needed and is not what singles are looking for. We do not display any ads of any kind on our website.

Benefit #5 – In addition to have a clean and easy to navigate website without any ads, we have many the site mobile responsive and user friendly so that you have a good user experience. We try to keep this website as clean as possible too. This allows members the best possible online dating experience possible.

We hope that these top 5 benefits will encourage you to join our member community and start meeting other like minded individuals like yourself. Let us know if you have any questions! We are here to help in anyway possible.

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